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應用材料公司 (Applied Materials, Inc.) 名列全球前五百大公司,是提供材料工程解決方案的領導者,我們的設備用來製造幾近世界上每顆新式晶片與先進顯示器。台灣應用材料公司是應用材料的在台子公司,擁有世界級的服務團隊。自1989年在台營運始終秉持著客戶至上及企業在地化的信念,為客戶的高價值問題提供差異化、適用且永續的解決方案。總部設在新竹科學園區,在南部科學園區建立顯示器設備製造中心與顯示器實驗室,同時在桃園擁有服務全亞洲客戶的零組件物流中心,另於林口、台中亦設有營業及服務據點。


1.半導體設備,包括ALD, CMP, CVD, ECD, Epitaxy, Etch, Ion Implant, Metrology and Inspection, PVD, Rapid Thermal Processing
2.顯示器設備及相關產業事業群,Display Technology: Array Test, CVD, PVD ; Solar Technology: Wafering and Inspection, Cell manufacturing, Ion Implantation, Screen Printing
3.全球服務,包括Fab Services, FabVantage, Components, Equipment, Software etc.


1. 104人力銀行
2. Email至,請務必說明應徵之職缺
3. 台灣應用材料網站:


1. 豐厚薪資
- 年薪14個月,另有績效獎金及股票
2. 優惠福利
- 國內外旅遊津貼每年2-6萬
- 員工價認購美國總公司股票
- 36萬免息汽車貸款
3. 外商環境高自主

4. 精采生活好平衡


目前共有 3 個職缺類型

Customer Engineer 客戶支援設備工程師
2.語文條件:英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等
A.Scored TOEIC higher than 550

1. Performs all standard service activities through Tier I unassisted. Performs standard Tier II with assistance. Able to perform routine preventative maintenance within established timeframes. Completes quality repairs.
2. Responds to fab issues by communicating with other engineers and participating in escalation conference calls. May participate in projects to reduce costs and increase uptime.
3. Verifies operational quality of system equipment. Assists senior engineers as needed.
4. Applies diagnostic techniques and use of documentation and test equipment with assistance from senior engineers. Ability to diagnose and resolve technical problems. Uses training and experience to identify some process, software or hardware related system problems.
5. Strives to perform BKM’s. Uses knowledge management systems. Follows all IP guidelines.
6. Assumes responsibility for complete customer satisfaction within work area. Assists in planning, communicating, and coordinating support plans with customer management.
7. Complies with all safety procedures and consistently demonstrates safety as a value.
面議 不限
Process Support Engineer 製程工程師
1. 科系要求:化學工程相關、材料工程相關、物理學相關
2. 語文條件:英文 -- 聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通
3. 其他條件:
A. Master Degree
B. Above 1 year of Etch/ ALD/ MDP/ EPI/ RTP experience in semi fab

1. Provides highly visible customer support through the performance of on-site installation, as well as overseeing any necessary diagnoses, troubleshooting, service, and repair of complex equipment and systems.
2. When necessary, works closely with customer to optimize tool performance to meet customer process and integration requirements.
3. Checks and approves operational quality of system equipment. Instructs customers in the operation and maintenance of the system.
4. Knowledge of 2 or more processes on 1 or more technologies
面議 新竹市
Customer Engineer (iTeam) 全球裝機工程師
2.語文條件:英文 -- 聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通
A. Scored TOEIC higher than 550

1. Travel rate: 50%~75%
2. Is proficient on primary toolset and demonstrates ability to acquire additional systems and applications. Performs startup activities through Tier II with limited support. Able to complete qualifications with minimal assistance.
3. Completes quality repairs. Actively responds to fab issues by communicating with engineers in other locations and participating in escalation conference calls. May initiate or participate in projects to drive down costs or increase uptime. Ability to carry out action plans and report findings. Verifies operational quality of system equipment.
4. Follows all checklists and procedures and ensures correct Revs of procedures and schematics are available prior to performing work. May identify procedural issues.
5. Can perform most retrofits on equipment. Assists in process issues.
6. Applies diagnostic techniques and the use of documentation and test equipment with assistance from senior engineers.
7. Assumes responsibility for full customer satisfaction assuring excellent relations within assigned area. Demonstrates strong interest and knowledge of the customer’s business. Builds and maintains customer satisfaction through clear, consistent communication and the sharing of collective knowledge. Is consistently able to operate in high pressure or ambiguous situations. Solicits customer feedback. Understands the impact of various actions/decisions on the account. Is aware of potential dissatisfies and escalates as appropriate. Develops and executes corrective action plans.
8. Performs BKM’s. Actively engages in the use of knowledge management systems. Complies with all IP guidelines.
9. Complies with all safety procedures and consistently demonstrates safety as a value.
面議 臺南市